Section Working with a team of professionals

Getting together is just the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success…………

The success of JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" is first of all the result of our teamwork where every member is a professional and the team itself is like a single mechanism that functions efficiently round the clock!
We have a staunch belief that the sustainable development of the company is impossible without the participation of only the best specialists in all business processes.
So, we look forward to hiring energetic, confident, purposeful and successful candidates who would like to team up with us. We hire such specialists both for current job offers as well as for the personnel pool and also we will consider your candidature if you are a young and promising specialist with whom we can share our experience!

About us:

  • A modern and sustainably developing company;
  • We produce high-quality, safe products with original taste;
  • Impeccable business reputation of the company and its team;
  • Effective and the best staff;
  • Legal registration of employees (according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation);
  • Decent and timely paid salary;
  • A system of rewards and benefits;
  • The system of introducing rationalization proposals provides an opportunity for getting additional income, and this system really works;
  • Opportunities for development and moving up the career ladder, participation in the company’s projects;
  • Social guarantees and compensations for the employees;
  • Taking care of the health of the staff: annual medical examinations, an on-site health center;
  • A company cell phone and working clothes for the employees;
  • Financial support in difficult life situations;
  • Active life position is our credo! You can join the football and volleyball teams and the Youth Council of JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" and you can participate in corporate entertainment and sports programs!

    Personnel pool

    One of the priority tasks for us is the search for successful candidates and the formation of the personnel pool tailored to our ambitious goals and objectives.
    If now you cannot find a job offer suitable for you but you would like to join our team in future send us your data and professional experience and we will be happy to get to know you!

    Then click on I WANT TO WORK HERE and you will go to filling out personal data directly on the web-site or you can download and send your CV.
    Before you click on SEND you should tick “I agree to the processing and storage of my personal data”

    For graduates and students

    For our future generation we open work places and we provide successful graduates with stable work, decent wages and all social guarantees. We give a chance to purposeful, energetic and talented young people to realize themselves in the profession and build their career!
    We are proud to present our project SUPPORT FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS which is aimed at training the best professionals in the production of beer and alcohol-free drinks and malt and which gives you unique opportunities:

    To become the Program’s participant all you should do is to want it, to have a desire to become a good specialist, to work well and to succeed in work. All these are our main criteria when selecting candidates!

    Note: applications for internships are accepted for all professional areas without exception and are considered individually; applications to work as Young specialists are accepted from graduates of secondary and higher educational institutions with letters of recommendation to work in the beer, soft drinks and malt production.

    Success stories

    The desire to work and succeed leads to the heights of human dreams

    Kalashnikova Elena

    I learned about JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" while I studied in Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies. I visited this company first when we had an on-the-job training. I liked the responsive team and nice atmosphere. I decided that I would work only at JSC "BRYANSKPIVO". After graduation I returned to Bryansk with great pleasure, got a job of a specialist in technical support of projects and six months later I became a supervising foreman at the bottling area. In Bryansk I not only found an interesting job and am building my career but I also got married and have a beautiful daughter. I have never regretted my choice!

    Vasilchenko Ksenia

    In April 2014 just a few months before defending my thesis at a university in Moscow I began my career at JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" in the brewing department having a worker job. Then I did not even think how fast I would move up the career ladder here. Already in October 2014 I was offered a leading position, of a supervising foreman in the brewing production site. Of course, when you are advancing so fast you face many difficulties but our team helped me a lot! Since 2017, according to the results of assessment procedures, I have been in the personnel pool as a candidate for the position of Head of the beer and soft drinks production. My rapid professional development did not interfere with my personal life and I am married now. My family, my interesting and promising job give me confidence in the future!

    Tatarenko Ivan

    I got to know JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" when I was in my final year at Stavropol university. My attention was attracted by the Young Specialists Support Program and the opportunity to develop in the fermentation technology field. In September 2014 I started my work at JSC "BRYANSKPIVO". From the first days of my working here I have been surrounded by people who inspire and motivate with their example! Only in about 2 years I have worked my way up from a hardware installer to a supervising foreman of the beer and soft drinks production. I was really happy to have the result of my work highly appreciated and to be entrusted with the position of a manager. I look into the future without any fear and I would like to move up and up!

    Averyanova Vera

    I am a graduate of Moscow State University of Technologies and Management. In May 2016 after successfully passing an interview and a professional test at JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" I joined the staff of the company under the Young Specialists Support Program as a brewer of food raw materials. My good knowledge and professional skills acquired at work are proved with my progress at work and the results of the assessment - I was added to the personnel pool of the company for the position of a supervising foreman of a production site.

    Melnikov Aleksei

    When I studied at Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies I had an on-the-job training at JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" where I learnt all technological processes of the brewing and bottling production site. If I had any questions I at once got a detailed answer and the relations with the team were family-like. So, I decided that I would work only at JSC "BRYANSKPIVO". I was hired in September 2017 as a brewer of food raw materials and products and already in January 2019 I was appointed a shift foreman. I am glad that my work and diligence at work are praised by the authorities which give us opportunities to develop in an area one chooses. I chose JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" and my choice proved to be right!

    Yanchenko Alina

    When I was finishing Buturlinovsky Mechanics and Technology College I heard about the Young Specialists Support Program which gave an opportunity for graduates of full-time departments of higher and secondary vocational educational institutions to be offered a job at JSC "BRYANSKPIVO". In September 2018 I came to the company, successfully passed professional testing and was hired as a malt maker. Here I have every opportunity to move up the career ladder, I became part of an excellent team of professionals and I am grateful that I had this opportunity in life to get into this company!

    Vinokurova Alina

    While I was a student at Moscow State University of Food Production I knew that I would come back to my hometown, Bryansk, where I could find a decent job according to my qualification. I chose JSC "BRYANSKPIVO", passed an interview and was hired as a brewer of food raw materials. I work with interesting people, develop in this field and hope to bring as much benefit to the company as possible!

    Our life

    The corporate life at JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" is rich and diverse. The staff take part in sports competitions and creative projects, corporate trips and contests, teambuilding classes. Our employees have repeatedly won in town and regional sports and creative events.

    Sport life

    The company provides an opportunity for its staff to go to football and volleyball trainings on a weekly basis. Spending just a few hours playing an exciting game with your colleagues makes you a real team, both in sports and at work. From autumn to spring we rent ice skating rinks for our staff to go skating. The Corporate Spartakiad, the competitions “Daddy, Mummy and me - a sports family”, the Football Championship among the departments of the company – all these are an integral part of the life of the staff at JSC "BRYANSKPIVO"!
    Our football, volleyball and athletic teams regularly take part in external tournaments and win first places.

    Creative work

    Creative events unite our employees and bring a variety to our lives. Participating in the preparation of corporate events, town and regional competitions and programs enables the staff to show their talents in music, dancing and other areas. Our talented young workers have repeatedly won first places in creative competitions.

    Corporate events

    It is a tradition at JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" to gather together as a team for our main holiday - Day of Workers of the Food and Processing Industry as well as at the New Year party. The staff does not only participate in the celebration itself but also is active in its preparation. Thanks to our enthusiasts every event goes on without a hitch and leaves deep and warm memories.