JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" is a food industry company of the central federal district which is located in the territory of the town of Bryansk. Company profile - production of beer and alcohol-free drinks (beer, kvass, mineral water) and rye malt.

The history of the company dates back to 1971 when a beer and non-alcoholic complex was built on the basis of Bryansk factory “Red Rye Malt” and this company got the name of “Bryansk beer-malt factory”. In 1993 the company was reorganized into the open joint-stock company "BRYANSKPIVO".

In 2000 the reconstruction of the bottling shop was carried out – new glass bottling lines and PET bottling lines were installed which were purchased from world’s leading producers (Germany, Austria, Slovenia). In 2001 the malt production capacity of the company was increased. What makes JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" unique among other brewing companies is the fact that the company works according to traditional classical technology, and beer is brewed according to GOST (state standard), at that each beer type has its own unique ingredients and its own natural fermentation period.

The focus of JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" is on the production of safe and environmentally friendly products. We developed and implemented “Quality, food safety policy”, ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) .

The company’s vision and mission statement are the following: Our credo is that preservatives, stabilizers and food colors should not be used in the production of beer and alcohol-free beverages. JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" is a socially responsible company. We take an active part in charity activities, local and federal exhibitions, town celebrations and events and in this we are supported by our shareholders and company managers. Production site tours are held on a regular basis - we are a company open for everyone. JSC "BRYANSKPIVO" is a dynamically developing company which follows current trends of the modern beer and alcohol-free beverage market.